The Wedding of Tom Barringer and Hou Zhuoni

Welcome!  We hope you can attend.

Further details:

The Open House at Dawn and Jay Garrett-Larsen's is at 69 Dooe Rd., Dublin, NH.  Doors open "10-ish" on Saturday the 25th and run until the rehearsal (which will be held at the church around 6pm; details to follow.)  For more information you can contact them directly at 603-563-8160.

Nelson Congregational Church is here.  Google Maps has it slightly wrong; if you search for "Nelson Common Road, Nelson, NH" you will find the correct spot.

The reception will be at the Monadnock Country Club at 49 High St., Peterborough, NH starting at 2pm.

We have created an Amazon gift registry here.  And here is some more information on the custom of hongbao or Red Envelopes.