Tom Barringer
 Independent Consulting
for Progress Databases and Applications

Currently I am the primary teacher for Progress' language and DBA classes. Therefore, the primary materials I use are supplied by Progress Software and the course attendance arrangements are made through Progress' Education Department.

An experienced teacher, I've been giving courses and seminars since college.  I enjoy teaching and work hard to engage students and keep the material interesting and relevant.  In each class, I extend the provided materials with my own white papers or real-life examples, and identify issues or benefits related to students' own situations.  I also use my own training techniques to reinforce the knowledge, which regularly receive rave reviews.  Some courses I teach are completely custom, picking and choosing material from prepared courses or generating entirely new materials as necessary.

Request me as the instructor when booking your class!

A partial list of classes I teach:

  • 4GL Essentials
  • Character Programming in Progress
  • Developing and Deploying WebClient Applications
  • GUI Application Development
  • Using ProDataSets
  • 4GL Performance Tuning
  • OpenEdge Reference Architecture
  • XML Essentials
  • Database Administration
  • Advanced Database Administration
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Distributed AppServer Application Development
  • Distributed AppServer Application Administration
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to OpenEdge Architect
A course for Developing Applications for Large-Scale Systems (not to be delivered through Progress) is under development, to cover both design and deployment techniques.  Let me know you are interested and I'll bring you up to date on it.