Tom Barringer
 Independent Consulting
for Progress Databases and Applications

Large Systems:

With experience in databases over a terabyte, I am familiar with the pressure to keep systems up and running despite the need to perform maintenance.  Dump and load operations, backups, upgrades, or application or hardware changes can all add grey to our hair.

For these planned events, I can help you with techniques to reduce or eliminate downtime.

  • One customer's downtime caused by a multi-hundred-gigabyte database dump and load was brought down to forty-five minutes.

  • Another customer's nearly 6TB of data, for which they had planned a five-day dump and load process, was completed in a weekend with time to spare.

  • Another customer's 24/7 operation involving a dozen databases required a five-minute daily downtime for backups.  We reduced this to under 30 seconds.


If your problem is not the size of the system but its unfamiliarity, I can lead you through the necessary tasks, both making sure your operation is a success and educating you on best practices and potential pitfalls.  With one-on-one attention you will become not just expert at the individual tasks but very familiar with the overall operation and management of your databases, so that you'll be able to plan and execute your own path into the future!