Tom Barringer
 Independent Consulting
for Progress Databases and Applications

Planning a new project?  Remember this truism:  "The more time you spend planning, the less time you spend doing -- and undoing."

Let me help you make your project a success.  With your business knowledge and my design expertise, the resulting project will be able to meet all functionality needs and work efficiently throughout not just the release cycle but the life of the application.

Here's what I'll bring to the table:

  • Experience from observations of hundreds of projects, both as a designer and a fixer of others' mistakes.

  • Training in multiple different formal design methodologies.

  • Extensive training in efficient use of large and complex systems, including P2P, centralized, NUMA, and hybrid distributed systems.

  • A detailed awareness of how disparate parts can be integrated through off-the-shelf technologies and a "use what we already have" money-saving mentality.

  • An ability to draw out the true requirements of the project up-front so there are no surprises as deadlines approach.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Good planning lays a strong foundation for success in the rest of the project; bad planning cannot be overcome later on without expensive and time-consuming rework and reorganization.  Whether it's the database design for an application enhancement or an entirely new system, let me help you get off the ground well.